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Get your Barts board for $59.99, with shipping rates included. Your purchase includes unlimited good-times and also the following great features:

  • Barts boards consist of two 15”x15” cabinet grade pine plywood sheets (34 ” thick) hinged together and combined with a 2”x2” support beam.
  • The boards also feature hand painted scoring arches and stenciled logos.
  • 6 competition steel tipped Barts-Darts (3 of each color).
  • 1 zippered carrying case attached to Barts board for easy storage of playing darts.
  • 1 adjustable polypropylene strap and a handle for easy carrying and storage.
  • Instruction manual with setup and scoring information.

Barts is a game involving steel tipped darts. Throwing darts is a dangerous activity and the safety instructions below must be followed. Failure to comply with safety warnings and gameplay instructions could result in injury or death.

  • Barts is for adult use only (21+ years of age).
  • The darts included with your Barts set are not toys! Do not allow children to play with darts and boards. Never point or throw a dart at another person or animal.
  • Darts should only be aimed and thrown at the Barts board.
  • Never stand near the Barts board when someone is throwing. All participants and
    spectators must stand behind the current thrower.
  • If someone walks within 4 yards of the Barts board during play, throws must be halted until the minimum safe distance is re-established.
  • Never set up the Barts game in a highly congested or busy area.
  • Darts should be checked before throwing for damage (bent tips, broken fins, etc.). If a dart is compromised, a new dart must be used for safe play.
  • Barts must only be played on soft surface (grass/sand) with adequate lighting, never play in the dusk or dark hours.
  • Playing with a canned beverage, including beer, is optional and at the user’s discretion.
  • Minor consumption or overconsumption is not endorsed by Blimey Games, LLC. Never play inebriated or impaired.
  • The consumer hereby assumes all risks of participating and other participants in any/all activities associated with Barts, including but not limited to any risks that may arise from negligence or carelessness.

By receipt of these instructions, Blimey Games, LLC, is absolved of all liability and legal responsibility associated with game play. Play at your own risk.

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